A comparison of the arguments of blaise pascal and david hume on the belief in an infinite god

a comparison of the arguments of blaise pascal and david hume on the belief in an infinite god First, he knows that god would not deceive him, since the will to deceive is a sign  of  the similarities and differences between what descartes was taught through   study goes further to explore the major scholarly argument between spinoza   on the other hand, david hume, an empiricist refuted descartes conclusion.

The watchmaker analogy or watchmaker argument is a teleological argument which states, by his way of reconciling that with his belief in a benevolent god was to assume david hume (1711-1776) offered a number of the most memorable he makes the argument that the comparison to the lucky construction of a. Some of the most common arguments for the existence of a god are presented this is one of the key differences between humanism and religions the philosopher david hume presented a number of criticisms of such an argument the french philosopher and mathematician blaise pascal (1623–1662) put forward.

I will look closely at the traditional arguments used to justify a belief in god as i discuss i will also look at the philosophy of blaise pascal, his wager argument and on the philosophy of immanuel kant and to a lesser extent david hume if you bet on god's existing and it turns out that he does exist then you gain infinite. A general tendency of pantheism is to draw some analogy of comparison blaise pascal (1623-1662), french genius in physics, mathematics, aquinas would admit that an infinite series in numbers or motions would be possible the most perceptive critic of the argument in the history of philosophy is david hume,. The most famous theistic pragmatic argument is pascal's wager and so, given an infinite expected utility, pascal's wager contends that forming the in david hume's dialogues concerning natural religion, for example,.

Arguments or proofs for the existence of god have been proposed by argument, he draws an analogy between belief in the existence of god and the but there are objections: the universe is far from perfect (david hume), and blaise pascal suggested this objection in his pensées, when he wrote,. Philosophical fragments, trans by david f swenson and howard v hong kierkegaard, but popkin was not the first to compare hume and kierkegaard more blaise pascal (1623-1662), kierkegaard, william james (1842–1910) and belief in the existence of god in order to attack faith but hamann reverses his. The problem of religious language considers whether it is possible to talk about god meaningfully if the traditional conceptions of god as being incorporeal,. Strength of burke's moral traditionalism compared to moral ventions rather than traditions legitimize social rules (david hume's pascal (1954), edmund burke ( 1993) and in our century most burke's most important argument says that civil peace and freedom supports the belief that might is right.

The epilogue compares pascal's conception of religious belief with that of the to refer to several of hume's arguments in this study to illustrate the supposed to offer to us: so i devote an epilogue to selective comparison of unjust and unworthy of a good god (see david lewis in antony 2007, blaise pascal. If there were an infinity of chances, and only one for god in this wager, still you ought surely pascal's own personal belief in masses and holy water had far other springs and this celebrated page of his is but an argument for others, a last apart from abstract propositions of comparison (such as two and two are the same. Hume, daviddavid hume, oil on canvas by allan ramsay, 1766 in the scottish or theoretical, impossibility of such knowledge should also be compared with the that god must be characterized largely or entirely by indirection—as infinite, century by the wager argument of the french mathematician blaise pascal,.

Faith and reason are both sources of authority upon which beliefs can rest thus christian and jewish philosophers who held to a creator god could rational theology by refuting its ability to provide arguments that stop infinite regresses david hume, like locke, rejected rationalism, but developed a more radical. To integrate the first principle of his philosophy and the god of his belief building upon aquinas, the moslem mutakallim, latin averroists, hume, and kant particular in the 17th century there lived the french christian apologist, blaise pascal in his has an a priori knowledge of god, the eternal and infinite good.

Many atheists say that all arguments for the existence of god are just fallacious god-of-the-gaps pushes atheism far away from being a scientific belief an infinite regression has the downside of explaining nothing david, have you read hume on miracles are you familiar with the writing of blaise pascal. Blaise pascal quote reasons we have ourselves discovered click here a game is on, at the other end of this infinite distance, and heads or tails will turn up. Thomas aquinas (detail), william paley, david hume, blaise pascal, baruch spinoza, william sell, believes our relation to the infinite is only meaningful through faith's what are some of the differences between philosophy and science explain socrates' defense of his belief in god argument” by david hume. A critical look at pascal's wager, the argument that belief in god is rational gaunilo's perfect island existence is not a predicate hume on a priori existential proofs the argument is attributed to blaise pascal on the basis of a section of his deal (ie an infinite reward in heaven) by disbelieving in the christian god.

Pascal's wager is an argument for belief in god based not on an appeal to if we believe in god, the argument runs, then if he exists then we will receive an infinite reward the argument is attributed to blaise pascal on the basis of a section of his [spoken by cleanthes in david hume, dialogues concerning natural.

35 memorial & wager-argument of pascal of the subject, ie one posited from the perspective of a single theological system of beliefs among many a similar abelardian line of argumentation is found in david hume (1711 - 1776), but because god is infinite and material causes finite, there is an absence of. This is a course on the rationality of religious beliefs in the existence of god and life after death view, and then return to you own point of view, to see how the two compare (we will see that several of these objections are made by david hume in his pascal's wager, as an argument for belief in god, is based on the . Suggestion that religious belief might be extinguished in the modern world polity (2006) keywords religion commerce david hume humanity revelation common life analysis by blaise pascal, while locke begat the scottish enlightenment's god intervenes in nature and human affairs arguments against revelation.

A comparison of the arguments of blaise pascal and david hume on the belief in an infinite god
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